Taylor Made Culture produces multimedia projects that enrich, challenge and inspire new ways to think about culture and identity. It is owned and operated by author, photographer and cultural documentarian, Candacy Taylor.

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Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress  is a critically-acclaimed book and traveling exhibit that features diner waitresses aged 50 and older who dish out everything from eggs to insults and bring humor and culture to the American roadside dining experience.


 American Roots is a multimedia project that examines how hair intersects with culture and identity in the United States. The project received a prestigious Archie Green Fellowship from the Library of Congress.


 Bingo!  uncovers a fascinating subculture: the players, the Bingo halls, the game’s history, its bright side, its dark side and its connection with crime and the Catholic church.  This forthcoming book reveals why Bingo has a hold on people like no other game ever has.


By the Horns  is a forthcoming book and film documentary that captures the struggle and triumphs of a fearless subculture of female bull riders and bullfighters in America.